MegaPi—Born to Motion Control

  • Four motor driver interfaces for adding encoder motor driver and stepper motor driver, and thus to drive DC motors, encoder motors and stepper motors;
  • One wireless communication interface for adding Bluetooth module or 2.4G module;
  • Ten servo interfaces which enable the board to drive up to 10 servos at the same time;
  • Two high-power MOS driver interface which is able to drive devices with a maximum current of 10A. Maximum output: DC 5V 3A;
  • One Raspberry Pi switch interface (requires manual soldering) to realize 5V to 3.3V serial communication.
  • If you are a geek who need a cost-effective board to make your infinitive creative ideas into practice;
  • If you are a teacher or a student of STEM education who desires to learn open-source hardware and program language;
  • If you are a cool parent who wants to create something, enjoying DIY with your kids
    MegaPi will be the best choice for you.


Self-balancing Robot

Two-wheel Self-balancing Robot can measure its angle of inclination with 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor, and calculate appropriate driving force for the robot. Then the optical encoder motor will drive the wheels to keep the robot balanced. Self-Balancing Robot is not only an interesting toy but also a good tool for you to learn programming such as PID algorithm.


Linear Actuator (Screw Driven)

Screw drive is a mechanical drive that can switch rotational motion and rectilinear motion by rotating and combining the screw thread and gear. The rectilinear motion drive is mainly used for delivery, especially the linear feed of the tools and worktables in machines.


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Keep up the good work!
David Winant on 03/05/2016
We got six of these for a special project with middle schoolers. They are all working great, and the kids had a great time assembling them. Unfortunately, we have lost two of the IR remote controls. Do you sell spare remotes? Thanks, and keep up the good work!
  • Rating5
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