• Pan/Tilt Servo Platform
  • SPECIAL PRICE: $87.32
  • Retail Price: $116.43
  • Image recognition for location tracking with a camera
  • Make a detector with an ultrasonic sensor
  • Develop any robots that haven’t been invented yet
Pan/Tilt Servo Platform
Pan/Tilt Servo Platform is based on a big metal servo with two degrees of freedom – vertical and level. You can install a camera on the platform for image monitoring and image recognition for location tracking. Or you can install an infrared sensor or ultrasonic sensor to make a detector which enables robots to avoid obstacles.
In The Box
Robot Servo
Me RJ25 Adapter
6P6C RJ25
Me Orion
(Base on Arduino UNO)
Me 130 DC
Motor Pack
Brass Stud
Electronic Modules
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Mechanical Parts
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Awesome Projects
Linear Actuator (Screw Driven)
Self-balancing Robot
mBot Add-on Pack-Servo Pack