mBot Neo Is Highly Recommended by STEM.org as Top 1% STEM Toys

by Makeblock Ecommerce on December 11, 2021
SOUTHFIELD, Mich., November 27th, 2021 — STEM.org Educational Research™ (SER) has recognized this year’s “Best In STEM” honorees to commemorate excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. Makeblock scored within the top 1 percentile in the STEM / STEAM product category.

SER is a pioneer in pedagogical and andragogical quality assurance, issuing the first-ever set of digital STEM credentials over a decade ago —which recognize exemplary advancements and contributions to the international movement.
To arrive at its most recent findings, STEM.org Educational Research™ reviewed a comprehensive selection of STEM / STEAM-designated products. The team’s research included 4,335 samples evaluated from Q1 2015 through the end of Q3 2021.
“While associations and fly-by-night award programs see an opportunity to profiteer off of it [STEM / STEAM] by charging a small fortune to ‘accredit’ such products, we do things differently here,” says Andrew B. Raupp, Founder and CEO of STEM.org Educational Research™.
“As stewards of the movement and early practitioners of it, we avoid the gatekeeper approach. Our team understands how important it is to allow the stakeholders themselves to determine a path forward as the STEM / STEAM movement continues to grow and we’ve been doing it for longer than anyone else. The result is a broadly representative, collaborative approach which reflects the interests of the community.”
One of the reasons why SER has cultivated such trust among brands is its insistence on transparency. The organization does not accept venture capital, private equity, contributions from political action committees (PAC) or funding from special interest groups, nor does it have a financial stake in any sales of products it has evaluated.
Brands submit items for review with an option to support the organization’s research initiatives. To date, SER’s acceptance rate remains well below 70 percent. This stands in sharp contrast to many traditional pay-to-play toy recognition programs where virtually every item submitted receives a badge.
In keeping with SER’s commitment to conflict of interest-free, unbiased evaluations, Best In STEM is one of the few unsolicited recognition programs in which recipients do not pay to be featured. STEM.org in serving as both the evaluating organization and the publisher, has abstained from paid affiliate partnerships associated with this program.
“Our audience can have total confidence that all of the items selected are based solely on each product’s merit and not on the size of a brand’s marketing budget or industry influence,” Raupp says. “The items that achieve our recognition are there because they truly are the best of the best.”

About STEM.org

STEM.org Educational Research™ (SER) Founded in 2001, STEM.org is the longest continually operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America.

About Makeblock

Founded in 2013, Makeblock focuses on making great coding robots and STEM toys for kids. We try to lower the overall creation threshold by building a STEAM platform covering mechanics, electronics, and software.
Makeblock helps children learn from practical usage of technical devices and thinking training to fear no challenges in the future and grow up as individuals who have critical thinking skills and who are socially responsible.

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