xLight U1 Night Light LED Stripe Lights & Acrylic Night Light STEM Toy

    xLight U1 Night Light LED Stripe Lights & Acrylic Night Light STEM Toy

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      Makeblock xLight U1 Main Features:

      【All-in-One Programmable Lighting Kit】xLight U1 is a playful programmable lighting kit for everyone. It consists of xLight Control Box, Night Light Kit, LED Light Strip, and RGB Fairy Light.

      【Each RGB LED Customized】xLight adopts individually addressable RGB LEDs. Each LED has a tiny microcontroller and can be programmable—light up with a unique color and brightness. You can create relaxed, fun, and flashy light effects with light strips and the fairy string light.

      【Multiple Ways to Interact and Control】Companied with the powerful xLight Control Box, you can control the light in multiple ways, including - Gesture Control, App Control, Remote Control, and the Light can also sync with the music. Lights can be much more exciting and interactive.

      【A Powerful Light Control Box】xLight Control Box is a single-board computer packed with advanced electronics, making it powerful to control and create any light effects. In combination with mBlock (App/PC), it helps developing coding skills from block-based programming to Python.

      【Suitable for Any Scenes】xLight U1 is suitable for various scenarios such as children's bedrooms, Christmas trees, stairs, curtains, gardens, ceilings, and ideal for parties and holidays decorations.

      xLight U1 All-in-One Night Light LED Stripe STEM Toy Pack

       Educational and Playful Coding Light kit for everyone to enjoy creating with the powerful lights

      Kids can create any incredible lighting effects and learn skills through play that color their imagination and creativity.

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      Easy Modes to Enjoy Light World 

      Mood  mode

      There are 8 mood light sttects, Kids can choose the ideal ambiance for them to enhance their expression. 

      xLight U1 Main Features


      Gesture Control

      Built-in IR sensor, kids can interact with the light, they can swtich lighting effects, controlbrightness, play games, etc, through gestures


      Music Sync

      Built-in high sensitivity microphone, xlight can be synchronized with any music gerre. Immersive to enjoy music, it siginificantly stimulate kid's imagination


      Numerous Light Effects

      Based on a control box and individually addressable RGB LED beads, with 16 million colors available in the Makeblock app, xlight achieves various lighting effects, kids can create the ideal ambiance for indoor activities. 


      Rewritable Message Board

      Packed with Memo blank board and writtable pen. Kids can sparkle their imagination while drawing or writting down what they want on the board, enjoy the fun of creating.

      Smart Room Decorate LED Light Strips 

      • Programmable
      • Gesture Control
      • Music Sync
      • Numerous Light Effects

      Start from scratch and bring your kids' ideas to life. By using mblock software for graphical programming, each LED bead lights up in a unique color and brightness. Kids can easily create their own lighting patterns, which gives them a lot of freedom to unleash their creativity in the art of lighting.

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      Reimagine Kid's Life with LED Stripe Night Light 

      APP Control

      Control Box

      IR Control

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