Disc D72-Blue (Pair)
  • Disc D72-Blue (Pair)
  • Disc D72-Blue (Pair)
  • Disc D72-Blue (Pair)

Disc D72-Blue (Pair)

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Product Description


Disc D72 is perfect for building symmetrical mechanical structure such as 120 degree three-wheeled car, three axis helicopter, four axis helicopter. Besides, With a 72mm diameter, you can also  use it as base plate.



  • 8mm diameter center hole compatible with 8mm shafts or bearings and can be attached with DC Motor-25 and Stepper motor due to M3 mounting holes
  • with M4 mounting holes and 4mm mounting slots compatible with Makeblock components.
  • Made from aluminum extrusion (high strength), 3mm thick, anodized surface(long time to shelve without barely rusting)


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