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Order Processing:


Payment can be made by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer, whichever customers would like to use. The advantage of using PayPal is the timeliness, while the disadvantage is the relatively high commission fee charged by PayPal. Therefore, PayPal is usually recommended for order of small amount.

In terms of Bank Transfer, it will take longer time, even one week to the maximum; however, the handling charge is lower to some extent; so, Bank Transfer is preferred when the order value is large.


Order change

Quick order processing features Makeblock, which will deliver commodities for shipment by forwarder within 1-2 working days; therefore, in general circumstances, no order changes or cancellations are allowed, including changes in commodities and addresses. If the courier cannot deliver the commodities or the customers are not reachable for special causes, and therefore, the address is required to be changed, please send an e-mail to USD 30 will be paid for every address alteration.

Processing time

Items that are in stock are shipped in 1 to 2 business days. Please refer processing time in Makeblock.


Processing Time

In stock

1-2 business days


Refer the product page

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Courier selection

a. DHL/FedEx (Estimated shipping time: 3-8 business days)

Features: traceable; timely information update and low loss rate.

b. EMS (Estimated shipping time: 7-20 business days)

Feature: fit for countries where customs clearance is difficult; features: traceable but not timely update information.

c. Air Mail (Estimated shipping time: 7-20 business days)

Features: only fit for parcels less than 2KG; features: long Time effectiveness, cheap, traceable but not timely update information and the loss rate is comparatively high.

d. DHL/FedEx Express Plus (Estimated shipping time: 2-5 business days)

Features: short Time effectiveness, expensive, traceable and timely information update


Upon delivery to the courier, the commodity handling falls beyond the control of Makeblock. The Time effectiveness above is only provided for reference and the actual one may be different and vary from place to place as the customs declaration procedures are different. Makeblock will not be liable for the abovementioned Time effectiveness.

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Delivery will be made within 1-2 working days after the receipt of payment. Since the commodities will be shipped through forwarder, the tracking number may sometimes be updated on the third working day. After we get to know the tracking number, we will update on our website and at the same time, the customer will be reminded via mail. Otherwise, customers can log onto "my account" to view the order status via "view order status".



Makeblock abides by applicable laws and policies and will make declaration on true condition.

All Makeblock commodities are exported through Hong Kong (free trade port); therefore, customers are not required to pay any export tariff. When commodities arrive at the destination, some will be checked by the customs and certain tariff shall be paid or not, depending on the provisions and operations of each country. Since all the import tariffs depend on local policies, customers are required to undertake related expenses at the destination port, if any.

If you have any doubts about local tariff policies and potential tariffs, please refer to
. Note: the information stated on the website is only provided for reference and Makeblock will not be liable for the final tariff and estimated tariff.


Delivery range

Basically, Makeblock will provide express services where the courier services are available. If you have any related questions, please feel free to contact us via



For international express, PO BOX is not allowed; please indicate complete address (other than PO BOX), including domicile, postal code, addressee and contact information.

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After-Sales Support:

Technical question

For any questions about the use of products, please view the related FAQ or seek relevant solutions at our forum Many customers that may have the same questions with you may have raised such questions and have been answered at the forum. Meanwhile, if you need relevant product information, please search at
. We have stored the information on all products here and classify them by products. If you are unable to find a solution at the above forum and learn, please send an email to, professional technical customer service personnel will answer your questions within 2 working days.


Non-technical question

If you have any questions about the order or product quality, please send an email to, we will deal with your questions within 2 working days.



Makeblock encourage and appreciate your share of your great ideas and creations with us and other people who love creation as you.

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Working time

9:30 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday, Beijing time. Delivery and after-sales support, etc. in holidays and festivals are specifically arranged according to actual circumstances. The following China Holidays Scheduling is for reference.





New Year's Day

January 1st

3 business days

Spring Festival

Varies due to lunar calendar. Approximately mid-February.

7 business days

Qingming Festival

April 4th or April 5th

1 business day

Labour Day

May 1st

1 business day

Dragon Boat Festival

Varies due to lunar calendar. Approximately late June.

1 business day

Mid-Autumn Festival

Varies due to lunar calendar. Approximately late September.

1 business day

National Day

October 1st

7 business days


Note: The dates above are to be used as a general guideline. Exact dates are posted prior to each holiday.


Distributors' participation

If you recognize and love Makeblock products and want to become a Makkeblock distributor to better develop the local market, please send an email to for understanding relevant procedures and requirements. Please specify your location and your company's brief introduction, and our corresponding salesperson will contact you.


Purchase discount on educational channels

Makeblock attaches importance to education, and is willing to provide certain support for the purchase of educational channels. For the purchase of educational channels, please send an email to, specifying your location and educational channels, our corresponding salesperson will contact you.


Service area

Since the after-sales policies differ from regional distributor to regional distributor, Makeblock is only responsible for after-sales services for products sold from Makeblock outlets as below in principle:

Official website:

Amazon outlets:

Taobao outlets:

Jingdong outlets: