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Chance to win a
FREE mBot Neo & More!


Terms & Conditions

1. The “Spin & Win 100%” ends at 9:00 pm PDT on June 20, 2021.
2. "Spin & Win 100%"  is open to US residents only.
3. Each participants may only spin the fortune wheel once.
4. Participants must fill in their email address before spinning the fortune wheel to be eligible for the prize.
5. The participants will be notified of their winning immediately after spinning the wheel in the form of a coupon code. The coupon code will also be sent to the email address entered during the Spin & Win 100%'s sign up.
6. Discount coupon prizes are available for all products at Makeblock's store. Participants who win a free mBot Neo will get a 100% off coupon code only for mBot Neo.
7. The discount coupon can only be used at Makeblock's Store.
8. The discount coupon will be valid until June 28th, 2021.
9. Makeblock reserves the right to explain the terms of the event.

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