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Good for children's

xTool D1- Higher Accuracy Portable Diode Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine
Scott Ireland
Great for the beginner

This has been a great experience, easy to setup and easy to learn. There are some excellent videos out there of other users that will give you tips and ways of using the xTool D-1 to it's full ability and with the roller you can personalize glass and mugs with your own design very easily. Quickly learning and loving it.

Nextmaker Review Collection
Rachel Pettit
Educational, entertaining, and fun coding box!

The Nextmaker Box is a very educational, entertaining, and fun coding box!

When I received my first Nextmaker Box, I was excited to find a code-able touchpad piano with some jumper cables and a bunch of other interesting gadgets. The boxes I received afterwards just kept getting better. One was a halocode programming board, which was very cool. Then there was a code-able airplane, a servo with the parts to build a moving robot monster, and an LED screen with the parts to make a ball target game.

I would definitely recommend the Nextmaker Box if you want to learn, build, be entertained, and develop your thinking skills. It is awesome!

domo arigato mistua Mr. Roboto

I was hoping some of the robot would be pre made but nope had to put it all together which is nice but timely.

Also didn't see the recommended age range so cant give it to my nephew so I'll be playing with it and ita perfect because I'm taking coding classes right now so it'll be fun to learn.

Well made, fun, and durable

If you want to get started in DIY robotics/automation, this is a good choice. The manufacturer went to great lengths to make things easy to use for beginners. You can build the 10 robots, and, using the app, they are easy to control. Once you feel more comfortable with the HW, you can look at programming the controller directly.

All-in-all, this is a quality kit, and I am glad I bought it.

Easy to follow directions

Very organized kit, that includes complete instructions for building & programming 10 different bots. The quick guide helps getting started easy. Complete reference part list, tools included & basic knowledge explained in easy to understand terms. Camera dolly, Robotic bartender, Robotic arm tank have a step by step diagram, for reference, and you can visit the website for more projects. Programming is easily explained & there is an option for advanced programmers. Over all I like this kit, I was afraid it would be over my head. I feel that is it well explained and am excited to start building with the grandson.

Very cool kit, but placement of batteries and hold could be improved.

The case that holds the battery should have been designed with a cover. The batteries can easily pop out. However, I took some advice from Red Green, and thought of the handy mans duct tap. Then I realized that it’s probably conductive. So I reached out for the Electrical Engineers handy man’s black electrical tape. The batteries now stay in. Remember folks, if the gender of your choice doesn’t find you handsome, at least they will find you handy. Keep your stick on the ice.

One more thing, if the bags of screws, nuts and lock nuts were labeled with part numbers, that would be so helpful. Fortunately I had a sharpie to help keep track.

Would still highly recommend the kit. Just be prepared to help your child with assembly.

desperately needing help.

mBlock did a great job supporting this product. I was having a problem connecting. I didn't see the usb connection at the back and had miss understood where to connect. A simple fix once they noticed my problem. We did a team viewer and were able to get me up an running!! Thank You bBlock!!!

It's absolutely worth the price

Fantastic!!! It's so much fun to build and program, absolutely worth the price.

good gift for kid

it is a suitable birthday gift for around 10 years old boy. This robot works easy and controls well by little boy’s voice. My son spend a lot of time play with it. I am happy to have this for him. It is a cool toy robot, it worth the money.

The kid loved it

I bought the robot as a birthday gift for my 8 yo cousin. He was amazed. To build it, the kid needed help, otherwise he could damage or lose the screws, so make sure to be with the child. After that, the app in mode history was fun and he learned basics in programming. You could improve the app.

Great gift for the Lego and Techy geeks kiddos out there.

Gave this to my son for his 13th birthday. He loved putting it together. It was easy for him to work with the app that came with it. He ended up taking the treads off the wheels because it bogged the robot down so badly that it didn't move at all. He's not tried too much of the programming, just used the preset programs in the app, but summer isn't over yet!
I would definitely recommend this for any kid that like to build using Lego's and such. It is also good for the computer players because of the programming component. I suggest having some basic tools near by in case you need them. For example my son broke the hex tool that came with it and had to find one of the screwdriver heads with the hex size he needed to make it work. Nothing major! My son was able to build it mostly on his own with only a little guidance here and there so it isn't that difficult. I would say any 9+ child could build and operate on their own. Any younger will need a little parent help but can mostly do it themselves I would think.

Intuitive Product

A very interesting method to keep the kids occupied and learn something new at the same time!!

A programming box with building and programming is much more interesting.

The product itself has strong creativity, and this monthly release is also in line with our long-term interest requirements.

Kids love it

I absolutely love this box was easy to put together an was well worth the price would definitely recommend to other

The perfect combination of hardware and program

By building and installing modules, children's hands-on ability and autonomy have been greatly improved.

Thank you very much for creating such an excellent product

Nextmaker breaks the boundaries between the virtual world and the physical world. It is a wonderful thing for children to truly touch and experience the magic of the physical world.

Very recommended!

I think this is a very suitable product for children. My kid is already in elementary school so I bought the first box with the mentality of giving it a try. We received the first box soon. Self-study videos are well made! As a result, we ordered the rest 11 boxes immediately.
I was still a little worried about whether the quality of the next box would be reduced, but then I found that my idea was purely redundant. All boxes have distinct themes, vivid explanations, and increasingly rich hardware.

Very fun to learn

It’s definitely not good to use mobile phones and computer screens all the time. The damage to the eyes is relatively serious. The items of the Nextmaker box are all a combination of software and hardware. Children start from unpacking, reading manuals, identifying and sorting out various materials and parts, and hands-on. Assembly, final programming and debugging, hand-brain cooperation, moderate eye use, very healthy.

Best homeschool product ever!

My son likes to build by hand. We have been looking for teaching materials that combine building and programming. After many comparisons, we finally chose the Nextmaker box! It's really fun!

Perfect combination of building, programming and physics knowledge

The content of the programming box is designed very reasonably, except that the response time of individual hardware is indeed a bit long. Personally, I think that the combination of building, programming and physics knowledge is the most special part of the programming box. For children, there is nothing more interesting than enjoying the fun of making things by hand. Now she can complete the learning process of building and programming completely independently according to the drawings. I have to say that it is the place where the course design is successful. Moreover, the timing of the four projects in one period in one month also allows the children to have enough time to keep up with the progress of learning.

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