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Based on 407 reviews
Intuitive Product

A very interesting method to keep the kids occupied and learn something new at the same time!!

A programming box with building and programming is much more interesting.

The product itself has strong creativity, and this monthly release is also in line with our long-term interest requirements.

Kids love it

I absolutely love this box was easy to put together an was well worth the price would definitely recommend to other

Perfect! As offered. Thanks!

The perfect combination of hardware and program

By building and installing modules, children's hands-on ability and autonomy have been greatly improved.

Thank you very much for creating such an excellent product

Nextmaker breaks the boundaries between the virtual world and the physical world. It is a wonderful thing for children to truly touch and experience the magic of the physical world.

Very recommended!

I think this is a very suitable product for children. My kid is already in elementary school so I bought the first box with the mentality of giving it a try. We received the first box soon. Self-study videos are well made! As a result, we ordered the rest 11 boxes immediately.
I was still a little worried about whether the quality of the next box would be reduced, but then I found that my idea was purely redundant. All boxes have distinct themes, vivid explanations, and increasingly rich hardware.

Very fun to learn

It’s definitely not good to use mobile phones and computer screens all the time. The damage to the eyes is relatively serious. The items of the Nextmaker box are all a combination of software and hardware. Children start from unpacking, reading manuals, identifying and sorting out various materials and parts, and hands-on. Assembly, final programming and debugging, hand-brain cooperation, moderate eye use, very healthy.

Best homeschool product ever!

My son likes to build by hand. We have been looking for teaching materials that combine building and programming. After many comparisons, we finally chose the Nextmaker box! It's really fun!

Perfect combination of building, programming and physics knowledge

The content of the programming box is designed very reasonably, except that the response time of individual hardware is indeed a bit long. Personally, I think that the combination of building, programming and physics knowledge is the most special part of the programming box. For children, there is nothing more interesting than enjoying the fun of making things by hand. Now she can complete the learning process of building and programming completely independently according to the drawings. I have to say that it is the place where the course design is successful. Moreover, the timing of the four projects in one period in one month also allows the children to have enough time to keep up with the progress of learning.

Great Boxes

When encountering problems, my 8-year-old kid now knows how to divide a big problem into small problems like programming. Nextmaker helps him a lot!

We had a great time!

It was definitely an accident and a pleasant surprise to find Nextmaker. The mood of opening for the first time is anxious. Afraid of being too complicated, the child will be suppressed, and it will become boring if it is simple. In the beginning, I was ready to be a mentor with my child next to him. But from the moment I opened the box, I knew that my role might have changed. The straightforward interface, detailed explanation, and the particular point of praise are that the course developers have a good grasp of the child's acceptance. They are very familiar with the obscure concepts one-to-one corresponding to more life-like examples so that children can instantly understand. Every time he finishes a project, the most common thing he says every day is, "Dad, do you know?..." Looking at his triumphant little expression, I think this is what interest is like.

Each period of the box will be equipped with a new electronic component.

We love Nextmaker! Each period of the box will be equipped with a new electronic component. We now have a speaker, a steering gear, a thermal motion sensor, a motor, a ranging sensor, an LED dot matrix screen, a two-way color sensor, a sliding potentiometer, and other electronic components. He did have learned a lot. Acousto-optic physical knowledge, also experienced the magic of artificial intelligence and the ingenuity of network and Bluetooth control. As electronic components become more abundant and tasks become more and more complicated, his ability in reading, drawing has also increased, and his hands-on skills have gradually improved. On the contrary, my participation has become less and less. In the later stage, he can build independently and learning programming with the video.

A lot of fun

My kid is now learning the 8th box. We have set a goal together. After 12 sessions, we will start learning python programming, buy a notebook for him, and be a decent little hacker! Looking forward to the unlimited creativity of the box and the unabated interest of the children!

Lessons are amazing

My kids are really enjoying these, and the guided programming lessons are amazing. Thank you!

Great coding kit!

This is a great kit to learn coding. I brought it for my kids and they really enjoyed learning how to code with this kit. Kids can learn by themselves step by step after I introduced them a little bit. The instructions is easy to understand for them.

Great coding learning tool for kid!

Purchased for my 10 year old boy and he loved it! He almost spent all days with Nextmaker box and what suprised me most is that he was able to tell me all the different parts of the code and what they do, how to change them, etc. The software provides a great framework that starts fast so kids can see cool results from their code quickly. Having fun while learning is perfect, I wish I had these when I was little. It is really an eductional, fun and cool coding kit! Cannot recommend this enough!

Easy step by step lessons to learn how to code

My oldest son loved this kit. We use this for homeschool and we are learning how to code. The install was easy and the lessons went smooth. It had great step by step directions and my son is already excited about getting another kit.

Great unique product

"Wow, what a great toy.

First thing you will notice is that the box is heavy. Much heavier than I expected. The weight comes from the quality play board and programming pieces. These pieces are quality made and will hold up well through play sessions. I didn't expect the play board to need as much room as it did, but it is sturdy enough to use on carpet and assembles like a large thick puzzle.

The toy itself is simple to use. You power on the remote and the robot. You have the choice to free steer or use the program pieces to program what the robot does. That is really the full functionality of what the robot can do, yet the massive amounts of accessories included in the box makes this toy so fun to use. The eyes are super bright and the materials used are of great quality. The included charge is two pronged so one cable recharges both the remote and the robot. I love this added touch.

This was a gift for my 4 year old. I would say the perfect age range in terms of development is 3-5 years of age. My 8 year old had fun with this product, but this unit did not challenge him. For him it was simply a toy, and that's okay. My 4 year old had to figure things out and was rewarded with fun by doing so. I will say that if you don't watch you young one, it's easy for a typical young child to just revert to controlling the robot with the thumb stick which circumvents the key STEM aspects of this product. Please keep that in mind.

Lastly, I will tackle the pricing. After using the product and seeing the quality of puzzle board and programming pieces, not to mention the quality of the robot; I can see why this product is priced where it is. The product is quality, but I only see my 4 year old getting 2-3 months of developmental use from this and maybe a few months to year of use as a remote control after that. It will not have the longevity of say a Nintendo Switch lite which is only slightly more expensive and one could argue developmental wealthy that a Switch may or may not provide. The Nintendo Switch will have far more longevity though as a toy. Now I am not comparing this to a Switch, but just eluding to the fact that many other toys and kid products can be had at this price point or near this price point.

I for one try and buy many toys . I am happy with what this toy provides and the price point is acceptable to me."

Incredibly Cute and Educational

I purchased this for my kids a while ago and finally had the occasion to bust it out on a rainy day, now that school is out. My only regret is that I didn't start them playing with it sooner! I am so pleased that they have a coding activity like this that doesn't require them to have their nose in a screen. The dress-up pieces are super cute and add another dimension of play and imagination. I appreciate how the robot and remote charge from the same cord and that it is very clear what is and needs charged, thanks to the icons on the panda's eye screens. We have a lot to learn about and with this system but we are truly impressed this far!

Easy to learn

My kid likes this robot kit very much. He wants to spent more time to play on this summer break.

Much easier than anticipated

Was a great gift for my 8 year old. She needed help assembling due to her age but the steps are very simple and easy to understand for any adult or older child. The parts are separated and organized neatly for easy assembling. We had it fully assembled and running in less than 15 minutes, can’t wait to try to App!

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