Transformable STEM Educational Robot Kit

mBot Ranger

Enjoy Your Exploration

mBot Ranger Robot Kit is a 3-in-1 STEM educational robot kit which
supports 3 building forms: Off-Road Land Raider, Self-Balancing
Nervous Bird, and Dashing Raptor, the Predator. Program and
control mBot Ranger via smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC to start
your exploration!

Build Your Own Adventure Car

Three forms of adventure car are waiting for you to build. Manipulate your unique adventure car to explore the outside world and to meet the unknown challenge.

ranger parts

Off-Road Land Raider

Being an off-road robot tank, Land Raider is designed to handle a wider variety of terrains than most other vehicles or robot cars.

Self-Balancing Nervous Bird

A two-wheeled self-balancing car which fiercely balances itself and stands up to the strongest toes!

Dashing Raptor, the Predator

A three-wheeled racing car that runs/spins fast like a raptor which eagers to catch its game.

Powerful Mainboard, and More

Me Auriga

Me Auriga is a mainboard based on ATmega2560. With 10 motor driver interfaces, it can drive different kinds of modules – DC motors, stepper motors, servos, encoder motors, etc. It comes with six kinds of sensors but also compatible with a variety of sensors.

Me Ultrasonic Sensor

Me Ultrasonic Sensor measures distance and helps robot to avoid obstacles from 3cm to 4m.

Light Sensor

Me Auriga has two on-board light sensors. Each of mBot Ranger's light sensors measures how much light is shining on it.

Me Line Follower Module

With Me Line Follower, mBot Ranger can follow a black line on a white background, or vice versa.

Powerful Mainboard, and More

Create Your Own Program with Easy Drag and Drop Blocks

Coding has become a new modern day language to express ideas, inspiring children’s originality, while helping develop logical thinking. Our programming software is made up of colorful and modularized drag and drop graphical blocks. Children can now feel accomplished when they are able to easily program the mBot Ranger without writing difficult codes.

Learn to code wherever you go with Makeblock’s programming APP available on both smartphones and tablets.

Computer users may quickly learn programming through mBlock, a software based on Scratch 2.0 and could turn the block like codes into C language.

Your Stepping Stone to Programming

Our product is created with beginners in mind. We have online guidebooks and provide online tutorials for first time coders to systematically learn graphical programming through our constantly updated courses. Know More >>>

No Boundaries to Your Imagination

There are endless ways to play with mBot Ranger. With over 500 standardized parts and playful add-on packs from our Makeblock platform, you are encouraged to develop your own personalized mBot Ranger! We love to help you become a curious inventor!

Ranger enables more rooms for extensibility and creativity,
and these parts are highly recommended to combine with Ranger.

with a powerful robot gripper

Bundle price $234.96 $230.26

with a display and LED strip robot gripper

Bundle price $208.95 $202.31
Ranger Course
Scratch 2.0
The Adventures of Mike
Scratch 2.0 the adventures of Mike has nine chapters. It guides you to explore the world of Scratch 2.0 by creating a lot of interactive stories, games and animation.
The Mars Adventure of Mark
Thanks to the cooperation with Scratch teachers, we are developing sixteen chapters about learning graphical programming with Ranger. The courses will keep updating online.
Software Download
mBlock is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 2.0 Open Source Code that makes it easy to program Arduino projects and create interactive applications.

Makeblock App
Users can use Makeblock App to control their robots through fun & visual programming. With more than ten control panels, users are able to easily control Makeblock robots. Makeblock App makes programming accessible to everyone including children.
Required:iPhone 4s and above, iPod Touch 5 and above
Required: Android 2.3 and above

Parts List

Beam0824-112 × 2
90T Wheel × 2
USB Cable × 1
Beam0824-48 × 1
90T Tyre × 2
RJ25 Cable × 2
Plate 0324 × 2
Track × 2
Wrench × 1
Plate 135° × 2
Plastic Spacer 4×7×10 × 4
Hex & Cross Screwdriver × 1
Plate for Battery Holder × 1
180 Encoder Motor × 2
Screw M4×8 × 22
Plate T-type × 1
Copper Bush 4×8×4mm × 8
Screw M4×10 × 4
Bracket 3×3 ×1
Bruss Stud M4*30+6 × 1
Screw M4×14 × 6
Bracket U1 × 1
Battery Holder × 1
Screw M4×25 × 4
Universal Wheel × 1
Me Auriga × 1
Screw M2.5×12 × 2
62T Wheel Without Step × 4
Ultrasonic Sensor × 1
Nut M4 × 10
62T Wheel × 2
Line Follower Sensor × 1
Encoder Motor Wire × 2

* Bluetooth Module is included in the pack and plugged in the Me Auriga.

Software and programming PC-mBlock; iPad/Tablet - Makeblock
Arduino IDE
Main Control Board Arduino Mega 2560, 256KB flash memory, 8KG SRAM, 4KB EEPROM
Sensor 2 x Light sensor
1 x Sound sensor
1 x Gyroscope
1 x Temperature sensor
1 x Ultrasonic sensor
1 x Line follower
Speaker 1 x Buzzer
Battery 6 x AA battery (not included)
Motor 2 x 400 RPM Encoder Motor
Wireless Communication Bluetooth/2.4G
Dimensions 200 x 165 x 120mm (7.78 x 6.49 x 4.71inch) Max.
Weight 1600g (56.44oz)
1. Children of what age can play this Ranger robot kit?
mBot Ranger Robot Kit is suitable for 8-year-old or older children. As for the children below 8, parents shall accompany.
2. If I don't have the knowledge of programming, can I play it?
Yes. Our programming software is designed for the primary and middle school students, which is easy to learn. In addition, we also provide tutorial with graphics that facilitates users to learn programming. We have established technical team for after-sale service, and they can answer the technical questions if you have any question.
3. Can mBot Ranger be connected via Bluetooth?
Yes. The default connection mode of Ranger is Bluetooth. Ranger is also compatible with 2.4G. Users can achieve 2.4G communication via their own device.
4. Can this robot support remote control via App?
Ranger supports remote control via Mobile App and Pad App. Currently, Pad App Makeblock is available.
5. What is the difference between mBot Ranger and mBot?
Please check the comparision table of mBot Ranger Kit and mBot Kit. mBot Ranger is an advanced STEM education robot, which has provided more constructed forms, and adopts Me Auriga-- a new generation powerful mainboard.
6. Where can we buy Mark's Adventures on Mars?
The tutorials that we cooperate with teachers of Scratch are under compile, and are not available now.

mBot Ranger VS. mBot

If you're trying to figure out the difference between mBot Ranger and mBot, check this comparison chart.

mBot Ranger mBot
Form(s) 3 1
Main Control Chip Arduino Mega 2560 Arduino Uno
Extension Ports 10 motor/sensor ports 4 sensor ports
On-Board Sensor 6 x sensors, include:
Light sensor
Ultrasonic sensor
Line follower
Temp sensor
Sound sensor
3 x sensors, include:
Light sensor
Ultrasonic sensor
Line follower
LED Lamplets 12 2
PC Programming mBlock mBlock
iPad/Tablet Makeblock Makeblock
Smartphone App Under development mBot app
Communication Bluetooth/2.4G Bluetooth/2.4G
Online Courses