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Makeblock Bracket Robot Pack-Blue - MAKEBLOCK
Makeblock Bracket Robot Pack-Blue - MAKEBLOCK

    Bracket Robot Pack-Blue Add-on Pack

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      Product Description

      Makeblock is an open source construction platform that turns your ideas into reality. No matter what your idea is and however impossible it looks like, Makeblock will make it possible by providing various mechanical parts and electronic modules, such as beams, plates, connectors, motors, brackets, sensors, drivers, controllers, and etc. Characterized by "Open, Fun, and Creative" thru mDrawbot, mBot, mElephant 3D Printer, XY Plotter, Starter Robot Kit and Ultimate Robot Kit, Makeblock has become one of the best intelligent hardware companies that strive to make differences.

      • 9 Example Constructions provided
      • Strong aluminum material
      • Example constructions: Arduino, Scratch 2.0, Robotics, mBot

      The Makeblock Bracket Robot Pack contains most frequently used brackets and plates in Makeblock platform, which you can use to make special constructions.

      Part List:

      2 X Plate 3x6
      1 X Plate 7x9 B
      1 X Plate I1
      2 X Plate O1
      4 X Plate 45°
      1 X Disc D72
      2 X Belt Connector
      2 X Bracket 3x3
      1 X Bracket 3x6
      1 X Bracket U1

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