MakerSpace Kits -Electronic Modules 3
MakerSpace Kits -Electronic Modules 3

    MakerSpace Kits -Electronic Modules 3

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      Makeblock's Maker Education Solutions-Makerspace Kits, including a wide range of Makeblock's mechanical and electronic parts, are designed for schools to create a MakerSpace. The parts can be combined in different ways to meet different requirements, no matter it is for a maker event or a robotics competition.

      MakerSpace Kits -Electronic Modules 3  includes multiple electronic modules with RJ25 interfaces.

      Part List (Qty. x Part Name)
      2 x Temperature and Humidity Sensor
      4 x Ultrasonic Sensor
      4 x 4 Button
      4 x 7-segment Display
      4 x Touch Sensor
      4 x Potentiometer
      2 x 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor
      2 x Infrared Receiver decode

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