mCreate 3D Printer Smart DIY 2-in-1 versatile Desktop Printer for Makers & Craft business

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mCreate 3D Printer Smart DIY 2-in-1 versatile Desktop Printer for Makers & Craft business

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Smart Leveling Versatile 3D Printer

mCreate is a versatile desktop 3D printer featuring the innovative Genius smart leveling technology for accurate printing. Our patented smart nozzle, flexible magnetic build plate and the ability to resume working even after a power outage, enable mCreate to deliver a remarkable print success rate and quality. By quickly switching to the laser engraving mode, the machine meets the needs of a broader range of applications in STEAM education or other creative projects. Built for materializing creativity, mCreate make ideas tangible.

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Why mCreate?

New Technologies Help Enhance Printing Success Rate

Laser Engraving Mode Presents Brilliant Designs

User-Friendly Operations for Beginners

How Makeblock mCreate make 3D Printing be better

Makeblock 3D Printer has Genius smart leveling to create accurate prints. A leveled bed is a prerequisite for an accurate print, 98% - Failed print caused by the failure of the first layer printing. 87% - are due to the improper bed leveling / unleveled.

   Other 3D Printer
Manual Bed Leveling

      Other 3D Printer
Automatic Bed Leveling

Makeblock 3D Printer
Genius Smart Leveling

Complicated and Frustrating Experience Indirect MeasurementAvoid Errors
High Risk of Human ErrorMechanical Errors, Influence the Measurement Accuracy
Tedious and Time-ConsumingTruly Guarantee the Success Rate of the First   Layer Printing

3D Printer & Enggraving Laser
Strong 2-in-1 Desktop Tool to Bring More Functions

Auto-recognition of Operating Modes

Turn mCreate into a laser engraver by replacing a laser head. The operating interface will automatically switch to laser engraving mode. By inserting a portable USB drive, the machine can directly read the files and process engraving without connecting to the software. 

Autofocus, Safe and Efficient with more Detailed Engraving

1. Save time and say goodbye to the frustrated manual focus.
2. The laser beam is focused to its smaller possible spot size, precisely achieve optimum image and edge quality.

Outstanding Engraving Performance in User-friendly Smart Mode

Grayscale Engraving

Grayscale engraving mode adds a sense of depth to the design, improves shadow and highlight details to create refined portraits or figures.

Three Filters for Image-Editing

Mesh filter | Black-and-white filter | Sketch filter Three engraving effects for one photo


Laser Engraving on Curved Surfaces

A large build volume allows mCreate to engrave curved surfaces of solid objects of a certain height. Laser engraving can also be used for creative designs on food like cakes and chocolate.

User-friendly Operations to Bring More Convenience for 3D Printing Beginners


Versatile and User-friendly Operating Tools

3D printing
Preset default slicing value
Run the 3D slicing software called Cura, then install the plug-in for mCreate, and select "Makeblock" as the print device; the printing parameters will then be configured automatically. When Cura finishes slicing your model, it is ready for printing.

Laser engraving
Powerful laser engraving software
With the software "Laserbox for mCreate", you can process images, configure the engraving area and parameters, plan the optimal engraving pathway for each project, etc.


Full-color Touchscreen for Better Workflow Visualization

1. 3.5 inch full-color screen.
2. Clear and intuitive function icons.
3. Real-time display of device status and job status.
4. Direct launch of printing jobs or update of firmware.
5. Support file search and preview.
6. Default OS languages are English


3D PrintingAdditive Manufacturing ProcessFused Deposition Modeling
Build Volume
(L × W × D)
220 × 220 × 295 mm
Layer Resolution50-300μm
Slicing Software Cura
Supported File Type(s)STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc.
File ExtensionGCODE
Supported MaterialsPLA and derivatives, TPU, PP, PVA, etc. 
Nozzle Temperature260°C(Max.)
Heated Bed 80°C(Max.)
Laser EngravingWork Area225 × 225 mm
Laser Power500mW
Software (Laser Engraving)Laserbox for mCreate
File FormatsDXF, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP, CR2, etc.
Materia Capabilityl Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Rubber, Leather, Fabric, Acrylic, Anodized Metal, Painted Metal Plastic, etc.
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