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Me RGB Line Follower V1 Sensor
Makeblock Me RGB Line Follower V1 - MAKEBLOCK
Makeblock Me RGB Line Follower V1 - MAKEBLOCK
Makeblock Me RGB Line Follower V1 - MAKEBLOCK

    Me RGB Line Follower V1 Sensor

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      RGB Grayscale Sensor is specially designed for line detect competition. It contains 4 RGB fill flashes and 4 photodiodes. This sensor can be used to detect line on deep background with light color track and light background deep color track as well. RGB Grayscale Sensor can detect line when grey value is greater than threshold value.( It is advised that the threshold value is greater than 30, that the effect is better.) This module has the functions of fast detection, learn court via button and the advantage of well adapted. The color code of the sensor’s port is blue and white, it means double digital, I2C port, and it needs to link to the port which has blue and with color code on the main board.


      • Operating Voltage: 5V DC;
      • Detecting Height: As the differences of material and light condition of the track, it is advised that the distance between probe and track is from 5mm to 15mm;
      • Operating Temperature: 0℃~70℃;
      • Signal Mode: I2C communication( blue and white color code);
      • 48 x 72 x 26.5 mm
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