10 STEM Robot Kit Gadgets To Teach Kids Coding

Many parents are interested in teaching their children technology and coding skills.Giving your children a thick C++ or ROS book may not be the best way to getthem started. Here are 40+ STEM gadgets that help you teach your kid codingskills:




Makeblock  mBot Educational Robot Kit: teaches you about graphical programming,electronics, and robotics. It has 38 parts that can be assembled in 10 seconds.Its programming interface is based on Scratch 2.0.



ROBOTISBioloid Robot: a premium robot with sensors and ZigBee, allowing your child tobuild and program robots. It comes with various sensors, including gyro,distance ranger, and IR.



RoboKit:a robot kit for Arduino learners. It lets you build 11 different robots. Thekit comes with DC motors, wheels, metal frames, screw driver, nuts, bolts,mainboard, and other necessary parts.



little BitsArduino Coding & Electronics Kit: it has an Arduino module and othermodules to build your own inventions. It supports Processing, MaxMSP, and othersoftware interfaces.



SPRK+:a robotic ball that teaches you programming concepts. It has Bluetooth with arange of 100 feet.



Ozobot2.0 Bit: this educational toy teaches STEM and coding. You can create your ownchallenges, games and mazes for Ozobot.



iRobotCreate 2: a hackable robot that you can connect to a laptop or amicrocontroller to program. Users can attach sensors, electronics, and otheradd-ons to experiment with their own robot.



Wink:an Arduino based educational robot that can follow lines, seek light, detectbarriers, and more. It makes transitioning from visual programming totext-based coding easier.



CoderMiP: a cute programmable robot that can be programmed using a drag & dropinterface. It communicates through motion, sounds, and LED lights.



Kano:a Raspberry Pi powered kit that lets you build your own computer. It comes witha 8 GB misroSD card with the Kano OS.