Makeblock mBot : A Good Educational Robot For Your Kids

      Makeblock is an open source robot construction platform offering mechanical parts, electronic modules and software tools for building really amazing robots. Now Makeblock mBot, mBot ranger have a good reputation in education region. Today, we will talk about Makeblock mBot robot.

    The MakeBlock mBot is a programmable robot for children. When we say programmable, we mean it. Kids can program using MakeBlock's Scratch 2-based software or as an Arduino device if they're comfortable with that.

     We backed the mBot Kickstarter project and my kids have an mBot each. The mBot has turned out to be one of those products that the kids keep going back to rather than just something that is fun for a few hours.


       The mBot is exactly the robot that we've been looking for. It might not be suitable for every family just yet, but we think a lot of kids will get huge value from it. There are definitely some things that you need to understand to get the best from mBot and make sure you understand what you are getting.
       mBot is a children's robot but it's part of the MakeBlock family of robotics kits and components for hobbyists. Our kids are full of ideas of robots they want to make and for the first time they are able to actually make their ideas come to life.On the whole,mBot is a good educational robot  for your kids. If you want to know more about it, you can surf  Makeblock official website.