Makeblock Codeybot Robot Kit Shows Funs About Coding!

Makeblock has this week launched a brand new Kickstarte  campaign for Codeybot, a brand new interactive robot which teaches kids and adults how to program, plus there's the added fun of shooting lasers, playing music, drawing faces, and much more.

If you're an avid reader of n3rdabl3, you'd know by now that I'man absolute advocate for teaching young kids to code, and Makeblock is just oneof many hoping to grab the attention of children to teach them one of the languages of the future!

But other than being in the shape of a doorstop, whatdoes it actually do? Simply put, the Codeybot is an educational robotwhich makes the laborious chore of coding, fun! The bot teaches basic programming through a series of interactive features. You can learn how to codethe robot's LED display, programming a set route for it to travel, or teach itto dance!

Codeybot uses the mBlockly programming language, which is basedon Google's Blockly library for building visual programming editors. It usesvisual blocks of code which can be linked together making coding easier notonly to execute, but to understand and put together.

What's more, several bots can be coded to battle each otherusing an LED laser add-on bringing way more interactivity to the robot than just coding. The idea behind Codeybot is to be more fun than anything, andyou can learn code at the same time.