Makeblock Makes STEM Educational Robots More Diverse

Makeblock (Shenzhen Maker Works Technology Co., Ltd), aleading DIY robotics construction platform founded in 2012, was largely recognized as "Lego foradults" after first launched its robot kits on Kickstarter. This year,together with its new cutting-edge technology, 5 DIY, STEM educational and newconsumer products on display, including mBot Ranger,Ultimate Robot Kit 2.0,mGiraffe 3D Printer, MegaPi and Codeybot, Makeblock will introduce its"DIY Robotics for Makers & Stem Learners" concept at Maker FaireBay Area 2016 from May. 20-22.


The "DIY Robotics for Makers & StemLearners "concept demonstrates Makeblock's company slogan "Construct your dream " with comprehensive robot kits as well as mechanical parts,Arduino-compatible electronics, software. Makeblock provides the mentality abeginner needs to be integrated into the environments of daily life, from makerspace to their home to classroom to their lab for prototyping. Makeblock issuitable for users ranging from beginners to experts to turn their ideas intoworking robots.

"Makeblock is really happy that themarket acknowledges its impact in the maker/DIYer community. To continue thisexciting journey of making DIY robotics friendly to anyone, We now expand ourmarket scope to cover more diverse products for makers and STEM learners of allages," says the founder, CEO of Makeblock and robot hobbyist Jasen Wang."We are excited to spread our vision globally. Makeblock is here to enrichthe soil of creativity for the makers and to make STEM accessible to all."

After the wild success of Makeblock'seducational robot kit series targeting makers and educators, the Shenzhen-basedhardware startup recently expanded its reach and broadened its portfolio ofproducts to serve maker, STEM and consumer markets in more verticals. NowMakeblock's customer base comprises an esteemed group of individual makers, engineers,designers, educators, schools, and hobbyists in over 69 countries with majordistributors like Radioshack?, Maplin? and Barnes & Noble? around theglobe, contributing a revenue rise from 0 to 6 million dollars in but twoyears.

Visit Makeblock's Booth at Maker Faire BayArea

Visitors at Makeblock's booth (Zone 2, ExpoHall, San Mateo County Event Center) will experience how Makeblock's selectedspectrum of affordable, educational, DIY robot kits and ready- to-play robottoy products, including mBot 1.1, mBot Ranger, Ultimate Robot Kit 2.0, mGiraffe3D Printer, MegaPi and Codeybot will inspire and empower its users to think,create, program and construct their dreams.

About Makeblock

Founded in 2012, Shenzhen Maker WorksTechnology Co., Ltd (Makeblock) is a leading DIY robotics construction platformthat helps turn ideas into reality for makers and STEM learners. Makeblockprovides various mechanical parts, electronic modules and software to make thempossible, such as beams, plates, connectors, motors, brackets, sensors, driversand controllers and more. Having launched mDrawbot, mBot, mElephant 3D Printer,XY Plotter, mBot Ranger and Ultimate Robot Kit, Makeblock is becoming one ofthe best open-source robotics companies to make a difference.

mobt ranger

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