Top 10 Awesome STEM Educational Programmable Robot Kits

Many parents are interested in teaching their kids technology and coding. Building and programming robotsis one way to do that. Here are 55+ educational programmable robots you don't want to miss:



Makeblock mBot Ultimate 2.0-10-in-1 STEM robot kit that youcan program from your PC or tablet. It has anodized aluminum mechanical partsand 3 encoder motors.




XYZ robotBolide Advanced Humanoid Robot: a humanoid robot with a G-sensor, IR sensor,LEDs, speaker, card reader, and remote controller. You can control it using a smartphone.



SPRK+:an educational robotic ball that teaches kids programming through play. It canbe programmed to navigate a maze, mimic the solar system, or swim across thewater.



ROBOTISD arwin-Mini: a cute robot with an open source embedded board. It comes with 16Dynamixel XL-320 servos and customizable 3D printable frames.



HovisHumanoid Robot: a Bluetooth robot with Android control. It has 17 degrees offreedom and dynamic motions. The robot can be customized with DR-Visual Logicand other programs.


Cubelets:an educational kit with magnetic blocks that you can use to build fun robots. You can build robots thatrespond to light, temperature, and objects.



Cubelets:an educational kit with magnetic blocks that you can use to build fun robots.You can build robots that respond to light, temperature, and objects.




UBTECHJimu Inventor Robot Kit: works with iOS and Android devices. It comes with 16digital servo motors, battery pack, power battery, and 675 interlocking parts.



MechaTE Gen2: a premium robotic hand with 10 points of motion and 5 degrees of freedom. Its silicone fingertips make grasping things possible.



T8XSpider: a creepy spider with 26 servo motors and programmable features (usingLua). You can control it from your smartphone and tablet.