Big Surprises Awaiting You From Makeblock 3rd Anniversary

        Construct your dream! As a Robotics Education company, Makeblock has been launched lots of robots for

education and home use.It is simple to use, more affordable. Now,Makeblock is celebrating 3RD Anniversary and a 

big surprises awaiting you!

      Do you want to win a Makeblock mBotV1.1-STEM Education Robot Kit? From June 23 to July 15, Makeblock registered 

users has a chance to win lottery.Lottery will be drawn on July1/July8/July15.  Lottery winners will be announced on campaign

page and Facebook page.


      The mBot-Blue Educational Programmable Robot is a low cost, easy-to-run robot kit for kids to get hands-on experience

about graphical programming, electronics, robotics. It is an all-in-one solution for robotics learning and designed for  STEM


      In addition, Round 2 of  Makeblock 3RD Anniversary also have a lot of  preferential activities. 50% off flash deal,10% off $100, 20%

off $300. 

      About the next round of Makeblock 3RD Anniversary, if you have any ideas, you can leave a message below or cantact  Makeblock.