How to Build Your Own Robot-Top 5 Best Robot Kits

Science has achieved a number of laurels today. We see technology running at a greatpace. Every facet of life is today associated with science and technology.Electronics, medicine, mechanics, information technology - Science has excelledalmost everywhere. Doctors have found the treatment of various fatal diseases,the astronauts are travelling to moon and mars, scientists are discovering newcells and chemicals every day, Science has contributed in every sphere of thissuccess. This science and technology also enable you to build your own Robotthat could eventually help you with a number of purposes.


Asa result of science and technology, you can build your own robot to ease your  tasks and reach to a different level of progress. You can incorporate a numberof features into these robots such as building instructions, programmingmissions, a full EV3 experience as well as a smart device commander app.


Hereare the top 5 best robot kits that your children can use for a number ofeducational purposes. These kits have been mainly designed for the children andserve them a number of tasks so as to associate them with all the concept ofScience and technology.


1.STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids by Makeblock


The mBot educational robot kit is a good choice for kids to learn robotics,Arduino, electronics and programming. It comprises of some nice features,interface and is easy to use for the kids of almost all age groups. It embracesan open source code which supports both Windows and Mac systems. As a result of the wireless communication feature, you can easily use the Bluetooth or aserial of 2.4 GHz in order to communicate with mBot. For it software - mBlock,it supports all the standard Adruino boards such as Lenardo boards, Adruino Uno, Makeblock mCore, etc. With the support of source code and opencommunication protocols, you can easily add new support for a new hardware.This kit is very user-friendly and is economical as to its price. It wouldserve you as all-in-one solution for robotics learning and has been designedfor STEM education. The dimensions of this product are 15 x 9.8 x 5.9 inchesand it weighs up to 12 ounces. This product is originally manufactured inChina. 



2.14-in-1 Solar Robot by OWI


This14-in-1 Solar robot it is the best-selling solar kit and has been rated as #1by Amazon. As a result of this robot kit, you can easily experiment with 14diverse robot modes and the plus point is that it doesn't require a battery. Itworks in the sun and if you have a bright balmy day in your city, you can workon this kit for hours. The price is only one and the toys are 14 - this isindeed the cherry on the cake. If you are a beginner or an intermediaterobot-builder, this kit is the best choice for you. It serves you a number ofcomical and functional movements. It can easily change from a wagging tail,walking crab, surfer, surfer, speedster, zombie chaser, etc. It doesn't requireany battery and can directly work under the sunlight. It furnishes to differentlevels of building a robot.


3.Robotic Arm Edge by OWI


Asa result of this robotic arm edge kit, you can program and operate a number of grasping as well as flexing motions. You can experiment with an amazing radialwrist motion of about 120 degrees, an elbow range of motion of about 300degrees as well as a rotation as to base of about 270 degrees. No hard task ofsoldering is required in this robot-kit. The robotic arm gripper comprised byit opens and closes. This brand is one premier line of educational robot kitsand therefore would be very helpful with the education of your children. Thisrobotic arm edge has a vertical reach of 15 inches as well as a horizontalreach of 12.6 inches along with a lifting capacity of 100 grams. It requires 4batteries of D-size to run well. The dimensions of this product are 6.3 x 15 x9 inches and it weighs up to 2.5 pounds. It comprises a number of additionalfeatures such as a search light fine design on its gripper as well as a(audible indicator) safety gear that has been included on all 5 gear-boxes ofthe product for the prevention of any potential injury as well as gear breakageduring its operation.

4.Gyroscopic Robot Kit by Thames and Kosmos

 Gyroscopic Robot Kit

Thisrobot-kit comprises of multiple toys in a single box. This Gyroscopic robot kit by Thames and Kosmos enable you to build seven different and amazing robots.This kit also includes an illustrated experiment manual and full colour. As aresult of this manual, you can work upon step-by-step assembly instructions andcan also understand the science and concept behind Gyroscope. As a result ofthe introduction of Gyroscope, you kids can build seven motorized modelsincluding a robot that balances on two linear wheels as well as move alongtightrope. They can learn about the principle of physical science with the helpof this kit that keeps the robot balanced. It contains 102 pieces and is forthe children from 8 years of age or up. The dimensions of this product are 13 x8 x 2 inches. You can create a number of models including a gyroscopic robot, abalancing personal vehicle, a gyrocompass, a gyro horizon, a balancing game, atightrope walker as well as a flight stimulator.


5.Activity Robot Kit by Parallax


When it comes to the price, the Parallax activity robot kit is very affordable andpremium. You can buy this kit in a couple of hundred bucks and can make it your stellar educational toy for sure. This robot is finely programmable in C with aGCC based Integrated Development Environment that has been made available forboth Windows as well as Macintosh as a free download. This kit has been poweredby Parallax Multicore Propeller Microcontroller which is very powerful. It alsoincludes a motor along with encoders for the purpose of accurate touch andmotion controls as well as IR and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance.The dimensions of this product are 5.5 x 3.5 x 4 inches and it weighs upto 1.1pounds. This robot is one serious educational tool and not a toy and thereforeyou can use it for a number of educational purposes. This kit features anintelligent power management, analog to digital conversation, a fine solderless breadboard as well as an easy connection for a wide variety of peripherals.



Using these five diverse robot kids, you can educate your kid well and use it for anumber of educational purposes. All these kits are finely equipped with anupgraded technology and are very easy to use and work upon. These kits serveyou a number of ideas and purposes for your education purpose. They teach youthe concepts of science and growing technology among us. They aid you with thebest of help with a number of educational ideas. These kits can serve a bestfriend to your kids, using which your children can learn a number of basic concepts as well as innovative ideas and use it in their further educationalactivities.