How to Make an Automatic Ball-picking Machine

Recently, one of our fans made a ball launcher and got a lot of responses. Now, we share you a ball-picking machine to echo their project.

Step 1

Beam Beam 0824-192Timing pulley 90 T
S/NPart nameQty.

225 DC motor 6V/185RPM2
4Transmission fixed tray2

6Patterned tires2

(1) Install 25 DC motor into 25 motor bracket (2X). 
(2) Install timing pulley into transmission fixed tray (2X). 
(3) Install assembled timing pulley and transmission fixed tray on output shaft of motor (2X). 
(4) Install assembled motor with wheel through beam 0824 (double-hole beam) 
(5) Fit timing pulley with patterned tire

Step 2

Bracket P3
S/NPart nameQty.
1Beam 0824-1921

3Universal wheel1

(1) Install bracket P3 in the mid-position of beam 0824-192.

(2) Install the universal wheel in the hole of bracket P3.

Step 3

S/NPart nameQty.
1Beam 0824-1921

(1) Connect beam 0824 of drive wheel to that of transmission universal wheel through beam 0824-192

Step 4

Beam 0824 -160
S/NPart nameQty.


(1) Install 6 beam 0824-160 in the positions respectively as shown in the picture.

Step 5

8mm bearing bracket ABracket U1
S/NPart nameQty.
1MECDS-150 steering gear1
28mm shaft clamping apparatus2

4Optical axis D8*250mm1
5Washer 4*7*2mm2

78mm shaft wheel connection piece2
8Bearing 8*16*5mm2

(1) Install 8mm bearing bracket A in corresponding positions of beam 0824-160 (2X). 
(2) Install bearing 8*16*5mm into 8mm bearing bracket A (2X). 
(3) Install 8mm shaft clamping apparatus with 8mm shaft wheel connection piece (2X). 
(4) Fix 8mm optical axis on rotary disc of steering gear through one of 8mm shaft clamping apparatus. 
(5) Install assembled steering gear and optical axis on 8mm bearing bracket and 8mm bearing. 
(6) Install steering gear with bracket U1. 
(7) Install the other 8mm shaft clamping device in the other side of 8mm shaft without clamping.

Step 6



Beam 0824 -176Beam 0824 -016
S/NPart nameQty.
1Beam 0824 -1923

3Connecting rod2

5Optical axis D4*802
6Shaft sleeve 4mm4
7Screw M4*802

(1) Install two beam 0824- 016 on both sides of beam 0824 -176. 
(2) Install three beam 0824-192 with assembled beam 0824-016&176. 
(3) Install 4mm optical axis in corresponding position of beam 0824 -176, and fix it with shaft sleeve. (2X) 
(4) Install screw M4*80 on screwed holes of beam 0824 - 016 (2X). 
(5) Install connecting rods in corresponding positions (2X).

Step 7

S/NPart nameQty.
1Connecting rod6

(1) Install assembled ball-picking mechanism with main body of ball-picking robot. 
(2) Install connecting rods on main body (6X).