Makeblock mBot,The Easiest Educational Robot For Kids!

     Do anyone know more about Makeblock mBot robot? It’s cute, it’s fun and easy to assemble, the new educational robot joining Arduino AtHeart program!


       mBot it’s an all-in-one solution for kids and beginners to enjoy the hands-on experience about robotics, programming, and electronics. Especially, mBot supports wireless communication, standard Arduino boards like Arduino Uno, Leonardo boards, Arduino Nano, Arduino Mega 2560, Makeblock mCore (based on Arduino Uno).


       To help teachers, parents, and kids get started easier and faster,mBot has two free tutorial e-books and online manuals are provided and increasing continually.

      You can program it with drag-and-drop graphical programming software based on Scratch 2.0 and the magic happens: the robots can follow lines, kick balls and push objects, avoid walls and more. You can also switch from graphical to text-based programming in Arduino mode as it can be coded with Arduino IDE environment.

        On the whole, Makeblock mBot is helping to make classes more fun, by creating an easy-to-run robot for kids that let’s them get an early hands-on experience with graphical programming, electronics and robotics. Lets be serious, what kid doesn’t like robots? Makeblock is to thank with their mBot Educational robot that integrates all STEM fields into a simple and fun robot. If you want to know more about Makeblock, you can surf Makeblock  Official Website!