The Growth of Robotics in STEM Education

STEM education is the trend on rise. It stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In today's world everything moves at a very high pace and sodoes the education system. The competition today is cut throat. Every child isblessed with a good brain and the education system also laid a great emphasison further betterment. The STEM education system is one such effort. In orderto increase the competitiveness in the field of science and education, this education policy came into being. This system has ramification for nationalsecurity concerns, workforce development as well as immigration policy.

It has not been very long when the term SMET was changed to STEM in an interagencymeet on science education that was held at National Science Foundation. It waschaired by Rita Colwell, the then director of NSF.


The main aim of the STEM education system is to teach the students how to implementwhat they study in their classrooms. This education system works on bringinginto use the principles and practices of science, technology, engineering andmathematics in real world. This hands-on learning program prepares the studentsin school to carry forward their interest in the STEM subjects to their reallife.


The STEM education system has been received by open arms worldwide. Every nationwants its younger lot to excel in his or her career and bring laurels to thenation. The NASA (National Aeronotics and Space Administration) has alsoenforced programs to STEM education system in order to get the best lot offuture scientists and mathematicians. Other nations too, have implemented STEMeducation system to ensure a bright tomorrow in the world of science andtechnology.


The United States of America has also started many campaigns to encourage women intaking up STEM fields. The US government is doing every possible thing toempower women in this field to. Qatar is not far behind. It has taken up aninitiative called AL-Bairaq program to promote STEM education. The QatarUniversity carries out this program through Center for Advanced Materials(CAM). In Turkey the program runs as Turkish STEM Education Task Force. Canadaproduces 21. 2 % of graduates from STEM programs. Other countries like Germany,Austria, France and Finland are also not far behind.


Thus,STEM education system is growing by leaps and bounds. Every nation is puttingits faith in this system of education. The STEM education system is growingworldwide. The teachings of science, technology, computer, engineering as wellas maths are being practiced out of the class room and that to by the youngkids. All the nations are gearing up to produce a sharp and learned lot ofyoung students.


WhySTEM Education Is Important In Today's World?






The competition in today's world is cut throat. To excel in any field, the student must be prepared from the beginning. The STEM education gives the student a chance to develop a better understanding of the STEM subjects from the early grades. This is also very beneficial for the students who already have an inclination towards science, technology, engineering and maths.


As the STEM education makes learning inspiring, fun and engaging, the students imbibe more than what they grap in regular education pattern. The best thing is the hands- on experience provided by this system. The students learn to work in team and inculcate an intutive understanding of the physical concepts of maths and science. The child imbibes the problem solving strategies in early grades. It gives them a good start at high school & college.


STEM education urge at giving the basic engineering knowledge in every other subject at younger grades. This also helps the child to understand his or her true inclination and help him/ her to focus on his/ her actual interest. Knowing your subject of interest at an early age lays a strong foundation for the career. If the child has an inclination towards science and technology, he or she can start preparing for a better career from the early grades and this will help him/ her shape his/ her in a better and desired way.


The STEM industry is a blooming career option. It has been estimated that until the year 2020, the STEM industry will be on its full bloom. It has also been predicted that the demand of STEM professionals will increase by many folds in the coming few years. Wouldn't it be better to inculcate the STEM knowledge at the very young age? This education will prepare the child for a better tomorrow from the very beginning.


Robotics in STEM Education


AS we are repetitively saying that, in the modern world, every student should know how to walk with a high pace. In this technology driven era, every student must walk hand in hand with the latest technologies. The STEM education prepares the students for such competitive world and Robotics covers all the STEM subjects and fields. Robotics is considered as the mother of all the subjects. It combines the knowledge of all the other subjects into one. Robotics blends the fields of science, technology, control engineering, computer science, electronics, mechanical, electrical, mathematics and what not.


Robotics is considered as the amalgamation of all the important fields. It is growing immensely in STEM educational system. The growth of robotics is considered very- very important as it pool all the areas of STEM. Education in robotics at a very early age prepares the students for a flourishing career in the field of robotics. The students who have an inclination towards robotics develop a good understanding about robots and systems at an early age and get a strong foundation for a career in robotics.


mBot STEM educational robot is a great example that shows how all the subjects are integrated into one. It brings in use the graphical programming incorporating all the four subjects to teach how to make & control robotics. The little cute robot is enough to develop interest in the students about learning science, technology, maths, and engineering.


The mBot is a truly interesting, innovative and exciting. It makes learning fun. It also helps in learning incorporation of classroom knowledge into the real life. It comes with robot kits (mechanical, electronic, extension). Electronic modules, cables, mechanical parts and hardware are provided. The child learns to create in an exciting and fun way.




The STEM system of education is the best way of learning the big subjects and their practical application in life. The practical implementation is the best way of learning and STEM gives a great platform to the young children to implement their class room learnings in their life. This also gives them a great platform to establish a fruitful career in the field of science and technology.


Due to n number of benefits, many nations have adopted this new and innovative system of learning. The students start learning everything that is required to learn in the field of science and technology at a very early age. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that STEM education system is a boon for the children as well as for big nations.