Top 20 High-tech Toys for Boys and Girls 2015

Since Christmas season is merely approaching, the hunt for the best hi-tech toys for boys and girls has been very exciting. Today, lots of high-tech toys that are intended for boys and girls can be found online but as a parent it is very important to choose for the best toys for your little boys and girls. Here, you will know and learn the top 20 high-tech toys for girls and boys. Get the best high-tech toy for boys and grils 2015 on Kickstarter now – Gemini, Play Cute and Dear to Fight!

Part One - Top 10 High-tech toys for Boys

1. Electric F16 Military Fighter Airplane Toy

 It is a cool toy for boys between the ages of 4-8 years of age. It looks awesome and fun to play with. You just need to turn off the lights and watch this toy glow brightly, change directions and make noise. 

2. Monopoly

Jurassic World Edition Board Game- It is true that monopoly is a fun and classic board game to play with your family and close friends. Since the Jurassic World is considered as the largest blockbuster movie of the year, this toy is the perfect choice for you. This toy will allow you to trade, sell and buy attractions and dinosaurs that can be seen in the Jurassic World movie. It also comes with five collectible tokens. 

3. Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition

This toy is considered as one of the most sought out video game collectibles in 2015. This toy includes pocket guide, perk poster and Pip Boy replica with case and stand. This toy is going to be the hottest game of Christmas 2015. 

4. Stars Wars Millennium Falcon Model Kit

 Star wars fan needs a millennium falcon replica in their respective room. This toy is very easy to assemble and at the same time it does not require glue. Apart from this, it also includes opening cockpit with two figures and boarding ramp. 

5. Funko Pop Figures

This toy is considered as one of the cool toys for boys since they have action figures from their favorite movie, video game and TV show. This toy is widely available online and it is ideal for little boys who love pop culture. 

6. Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure

 This toy is pleasantly terrifying and it is considered as one of the coolest toys for boys. It is widely available online that can be bought at an affordable price that you will surely love. 

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Blimp

The blimp vehicle of this toy has the ability to hold 5 TMNT action figures and at the same time it inflates to 30 inches long. Aside from this, the turtle can rappel down from their blimp to sneak up the foes.

8. Syma X5C 4 Quadcopter Drone with Camera

 Drones and RC quadcopters have huge demand in year 2015. This toy for boys is the ideal drone for newcomers. It has 2MP camera and it is recognized as the most fun drones today. 

9. Batman: Arkham Knight Action Figure

 This is considered as one of the largest games in the year 2015. This toy introduced Batman fans to a new Batman character. Your little boys will surely love the amazing features of this toy. 

10. Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29mm Quadcopter RC drone

 This toy is considered as one of the best toy drones this year. Your little boys will not find hard time and difficulty in playing this toy. 

Part Two - Top 10 High-tech Toys for Girls

1. Ohio Art TrendiY Art Doodie Bracelets

 This is considered as one of the high-tech toys for girls. With this, you can easily and quickly design your own fashion accessories that you will completely love. 

2. SmartLab Toys SmartPhone Science

 If your little girls love science experiments, this toy is perfect for them. Your little girls can easily unlock 20 hands-on experiments using their tablet and phone.

3. Mattel Barbie fashion Design Maker

This toy will allow your little girls to creatively create their own unique signature couture for their Barbie dolls with the use of an associated app. 

4. Magformers Inspire Design Set

With these magnetic and fun shapes, the possibilities for creativity is endless. Parents can be sure that their little girls will completely enjoy playing this high-tech toy.

5. SentoSphere USA My Perfume Maker

This toy will allow your little girls to create their own sweet smelling perfume scents that they will definitely love.

6. Alex Color Mysteries Kit

If your little girl loves science subject, this toy is perfect for her. This toy will allow her to have a clear and better understanding about the basic principle of science especially behind colors. For more details, visit this link toy .

7. Spin Master Chatsters

Introduce your little girls to Gabby which is an interactive and fun doll that could become the BFF of your little one. 

8. Spin Master Sew Cool

If you want to improve the sewing skills of your little girl, this toy is perfect for her. This toy will allow your child to discover the basic steps of sewing. 

9. Magic Dance Pumpkin

This toy can be a royal pooch of your little girl. Parents are assured that their child will surely love playing this high-tech toy. 

10. Wowwee Noomie

This toy is an ultra interactive, addictive and hyperactive best friend of any child. Your little girl will have a great time playing with her best friend Noomie.