Top Ten Robotics For Beginners

The marvels of science and technology have touched every person. Today, a person cannot spend even a moment sans technology. We are now totally dependent on technologies and that too in a good way. The latest advancement of technologies have benefited the mankind at large. One such milestone in this technological advancement is Robotics. The motorized tools have made our life way to easy. They are capable of doing any given work. The demand of robots is growing every single day and thus, the significance of robotics is also increasing with every passing second. Every person, business or factory is bringing in use robots for many tasks. Robots make a perfect option to do dull, dirty or dangerous jobs. Robots make a perfect option to do dull, dirty or dangerous jobs. The more people rely on science and technology, the more the demand of robotics will rise. The future in robotics is quite bright. 
If you are a beginner at robotics and want to take your interest further, we present you the top 10 best robotics that are great for a start up. Take a look-

1.Lego-Mindstorms NXT 
Lego is a popular name in the world of robotics. The first ever version of Lego Mindstorms was released in the year 1998. It was sold as the RIS (Robotic Invention System). The first version was popular the hike in popularity of Lego occurred with the introduction of Leg o Mindstorms NXT, in the year 2006. In August 2009, Lego introduced the latest versionLego Mindstorms NXT 2.0. 
The kit contains a CPU (Central Processing Unit) named the 'NXT Brick'. It has 4 input and 3 output ports. The standard input sensors include-a microphone, a push switch, an ultrasonic sensor and a light- sensor. The standard NXT kit features 3 servo motors. Each motor comes with a built- in rotation sensor.

2.Makeblock Starter Robot Kit

This robot kit is undoubtedly a great option for starting your innings at robotics. The makeblock starter robot kit is a great way of learning robotics, Arduino programming as well as electronics. The kit comes with mechanical parts along with electronic modules. With this you can build a 3- wheel robot car or a robot tank. There are two versions of this kit an IR version and a Bluetooth version. 
You can also make an ultrasonic obstacle-avoiding robot or an IR controlled robot with electric modules- ultrasonic sensor, Me Orion, IR receiver and IR remote controller. The electronic modules of Me series are very user friendly and are a great option to begin with. 
For building robots with this kit, you do not need to solder. The wiring is also not a big issue. The aluminium extrusion structure is another plus point.


The mind behind this small mobile robot is the German aerospace centre, DLR. The basic purpose of this robot is educating the beginners. It is easy to assemble even for a novice and is programmed in C. Standard parts are used excluding the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The freeware equipments can be brought into use for programming. This robot kit qualifies for use in school and university projects, for studies as well as adult education centers. It is a great way to introduce yourself to the processor-controlled hobby electronics. The tools that are used for making this robot are freeware for confidential use. The parts used for electronic development and software design are inexpensive. ASURO comes with 2 motors that are controlled independently and an Atmel AVR RISC-processor, 6 collision-detector buttons, 3 indicator LEDs, an IR-Interface and 2 odometer-sensors. The robot can be programmed and remote controlled by a PC.

This is one of the most popular hobbyist robots. This tiny robot is capable of doing many marvels. The robot contains the BASIC Stamp microcontroller along with a breadboard circuit. This circuit permits user expansion. The materials and community of support, of this robot is freely and easily available online. The Boe- Bot is available in two versions, a USB version and a Serial version.

5.iRobot- iRobot Create

iRobot Create is a fuss free robot kit. With this kit you can program the robot behaviors without low- level code and mechanical assembly. Open Interface (OI) offers a set of commands (sensor commands, song commands, drive commands and demo commands ) so that you can use you creativeness at the maximum. You can also create new behaviors and also add on third party electronics. You can also attach sync and control other electronic and hardware devices with iRobot.

6.Pololu 3pi Robot

This robot kit features 2 micro metal gear-motors, an 8x2 character LCD, 3 user pushbuttons, a buzzer and 5 reflectance sensors. They all are synced to a C-programmable ATmega328 microcontroller. The speed exceeds to 3 feet per second. This robot is great for beginners as well as a great leap for those who want to switch from slower beginner robots or non programmable robots.

7.Lynxmotion-Lynx Robotic Arm

This robot arm is amazing. It delivers accurate, fast as well as repeatable movements. It comes with single plane shoulder, elbow, wrist movement, base rotation, an optional wrist rotate and a functional gripper. To assemble and operate the robot, you will need RIOs and for SSC-32 servo controller, a windows program. These things are included in the kit. 
The arm is manufactured with Servo Erector Set components. The expandability and flexibility of this arm is outstanding. The kit features aluminium tubing and hubs, black anodized aluminium brackets, precision laser-cut Lexan components and custom injection molded components. This system is also cheaper than its counterparts.

8.Edge Robotic Arm (OWI-535)

This robotic arm comes with 2 versions- one compatible with USB and other requires a joystick for controlling in absence of a computer. To interface the arm's USB version, no official library is available. It is an amazing option for children of all age groups.

This is a competition-ready robot which can knock out its opponent with a tiny pusher. It has been designed within the rules of the Northwest Robot Mini-Sumo Tournament. It comprises of a surface-mounted BASIC Stamp 2 module and infrared sensors that detect the opponent. The hardware package comes with servo motors, black anodized aluminum chassis and scoop, 4AA power pack, wheels, mounting standoffs as well as screws. The robots can perform basic moves and one on one fights.

10.OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot
  The best thing about this robot is that, you do not need to invest on batteries to run this robot. As the name says, it is a solar robot. All you need is a bright sunny day. You can enjoy your day out learning with this solar robot. You can create 14 different modes with this one single kit. To configure this robot is not at all a tough task. It is a great option for the beginners as well as intermediate robot makers.

Robotics is an ever-growing branch of science and technology. Looking at the pace with which it is growing, the day is not very far away when the whole world will run with the help of these tiny robots. 
Robotics is thus, a branch that carries a lot of opportunities and bright future. What could be better than giving a fun start with these robot kits? They are fun and educational at the same time. The best way to learn something is to implement it in real, day to day life. The same is with robots, you learn well if you create them with your own hands. The robots that have been mentioned in the article are all amazing. The beginners as well as the already experienced robot makers will find enormous fun in compiling and running these robots. They are a great way of learning robotics. These robot making kits are like a first step in the vast and interesting world of robotics.